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The IQ Sensor team set of to measure blood pressure through a compact wearable device that a patient could easily wear on the arm.  This device’s flexible sensor mimics a traditional Sphygmomanometer (blood pressure cuff) reporting to an app the patient’s real time blood pressure. The idea was centered on mounting the sensor, along with the electronic components, on the bicep and without the need of an airbag to read the patient’s blood pressure. The five members of the team possessed a mix of industrial, medical and software experience. They included Mike Hoffman (Cleveland Clinic), Kyle Reissner (Rockwell Automation), Kyle McKee (LeanDog), Dr. Morteza Vatani  (The University of Akron) and Ryan Jefferis (biomedical engineering grad student from Cornell University).

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Many medical and technology mentors from the Cleveland Clinic (Dr. Mohit Gupta), Validic and Emanate also assisted the mission. Within the 24-hour period, the team successfully produced a working prototype where the flexible sensor communicated its signal to an iOS app.

Dr. Morteza Vatani’s recently formed company, Smart 3D Solutions LLC, is excited to move this concept forward. He believes the Medhack experience will help the company raise money not only for this application, but other applications in the flexible sensor area of wearable electronics.