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Cleveland HealthPulse is an interface designed to allow the user to select datasets and be able to visualize data comparisons on a map of Cleveland.  At this current stage of the project, tweets from Twitter regarding violence, United Way’s 2-1-1 calls regarding violence, and Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner violence death data have been integrated into the interface.  There are several end goals to this project.  One goal is to have all social media platforms and all population health data sets incorporated into the interface, so users can pick and choose what they want to examine.  A second goal is to have statistical capabilities in the interface, so users can conduct their own analysis of the data.  This interface will be beneficial in that it will allow public health professionals the ability to look for trends and patterns in health issues, and be able to better predict when and where a health incident may occur.  The visualization of the data will allow users to better understand what is happening in their neighborhoods, and spark community conversations and engagement.


The Team:

Vinothini Sundaram

Vimig Socrates

Brittany Parsons

Matthew Vance

Alli Davina

Cleveland HealthPulse Presentation