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intelcurieIntel is offering Hackathon teams Arduino 101* boards for their projects!  Teams just need to submit their concepts to the onsite Intel team during the hackathon and receive a board for use during the event.  Intel will provide onsite support for the boards and feature a tech talk on the boards capabilities during the Hackathon.  And, yes, teams that incorporate the boards in their projects can keep the boards after the event.

The Arduino 101* board has features like Bluetooth LE capabilities and an on-board six-axis accelerometer/gyroscope sensor.   Arduino 101* is widely supported and has many sensors, actuators, and shields (such as Wi-Fi shields for supporting Wi-Fi connections). Code is already available to use with Arduino 101* development boards to build a variety of connected apps.

The Arduino 101*/Genuino 101* board is a development board that contains the Intel® Curie™ module. It’s designed to integrate Intel® Curie™ module low power consumption and high performance with the Arduino* platform.  The  Intel® Curie™ Compute Module is an Intel® Quark™ system on a chip that provides a complete low-power solution for wearable devices and consumer or industrial edge products. The module has a built-in six-axis combination sensor, includes a Bluetooth* low energy (Bluetooth LE) radio, and features low power usage and pattern-matching capabilities for analyzing sensor data, making it the perfect board for building “always-on” projects like health and fitness trackers.


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