The Cleveland Medical Hackathon (#clemedhack) will bring together doctors, nurses, researchers, public health workers along with IT professionals over an intense 24-hour period at the Global Center for Health Innovation on October 22-23, 2016. Hackathon teams will identify challenges, propose solutions, and work on technological solutions that are poised to transform healthcare. Teams will then present their solutions for cash prizes and an opportunity to discuss their findings during the 14th Annual Medical Innovation Summit immediately following the Hackathon.

Students and professionals in IT, healthcare, patient advocacy, startup business, government and more are encouraged to apply to attend the event at www.clevelandmedicalhackathon.com/apply.

2016 Themes

The Cleveland Medical Hackathon themes follow four tracks that guide hackathon participants to create technological solutions to solve challenges.  The 2016 themes will be:  Access Redesign, Care Redesign, Payment Redesign and Transformations in Public Health.

The 2016 Cleveland Medical Hackathon centers on the transformation of healthcare and its related systems.  What role can technology play in not only improving our care, but alter fundamentally how we access it and make it affordable?

Using this basic framework, participants in the Hackathon can come to the event with a basic kernel of an idea, pose a challenge, or present a technology.  Teams can form at the event around these ideas and move ahead with creating solutions.

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