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The Global Health Innovation Center

The Hackathon is located at the HIMSS Innovation Center on the 4th Floor of the Global Center for Health Innovation is the only facility in the world that displays the future of health and health care.

The Global Center for Health Innovation serves health and health care innovation, technology, education and commerce through state-of-the-art spaces, programs and virtual offerings.

Global Center spaces highlight the latest innovations of individual companies as well as collaboratively executed multi-organizational spaces. Global Center spaces showcase the latest research, product development, branding, sales and service results for companies and serve as a spark for medical innovation, education and training programs, and virtual offerings.

Global Center spaces feature single-vendor showrooms, with an emphasis on technology-based products that are fun to view and demonstrate, along with multi-vendor areas, chosen with relevance to contemporary health care delivery such as information technology, state-of-the-art views of the future, and educational spaces.

Global Center For Health Innovation